We build with you
your business
and its sports infrastructures

The challenge of building a sports facility definitely lies on its multi-purpose needed function. Way more than tennis courts it is a very complex thinking & preparation to be led hand in hand with the architect. Sizing spaces for each room and purpose, anticipating flow, access control and the ultimate user experience. This is a must do for each square meter of your place.

Different spaces working together

The fitness area, the courts, the locker room, the bar/restaurant, the players lounge, the meeting rooms, outdoor space like terrasse or roof top, pool and/or spa, stadium & seating, not forgetting all the working spaces.
All these different spaces have to work together, offering a natural flow of circulation, being all design & branding friendly, and of course last in time.

Complexity & Flexibility

And there’s even more complexity when you know what makes the tennis and sports industry so special! The biggest challenge is to make the facilities well thought off and flexible enough to welcome a wide range of user types. Young to very young kids, adult members or simply parents, athletes to high level players, single users and teams, VIPs or influencers. From the daily activity of your club to the busiest days during tournaments this multi-faceted traffic is definitely something to consider for any successful project.

your courts

Technical & official (ATP/ITF) requirements, surface types, orientation, wind protection, seating capacity, lighting regulations & technologies on offer. Building tennis courts requires knowledge and expertise in the field.

From the daily activity of your club to the busiest day of a tournament

All courts are not equal

From indoor or outdoor to half-covered courts, every project, location is specific and deserves a deep study. From creation to daily maintenance all court types have their cost and potentially a friendly or heavy impact on the budget.

The best consultancy

We experienced many different scenarios over the past 20 years and our network of experts & suppliers allows us to offer the best consultancy.

with the project

Like we always do our mission is to work closely with the architect and project management to ensure the consistency of the main decisions. The ones that relate to the site functioning, the sports specificities, the end-user experience or the branding guidelines. They know how to build it and we know exactly why building it.

Shaping your business

As business experts in the tennis industry we provide studies, simulations & grounded business scenarios. Putting all opportunities together we secure the business by multiplying the sources of revenue and activity. A club, an Academy, for tennis and also multi-sports, based on membership and private coaching, a ground of events, an ideal place for sponsors activations, everything counts to make it profitable and sustainable..

We don’t stop there

Now you know how we build with you your facility and the business around it, let’s talk about how to manage or market your project.